Installing Oger

The required dependencies for Oger are:

Optional packages are:



Most Linux distributions have the required dependencies listed above in their package repositories. For instance, on Ubuntu you can install the dependencies with:

sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-mdp

Ulrich Bernert of Planet GmbH has kindly provided this HOWTO on installing Oger and its dependencies on Suse 11.*.

Tarball install

You can download the latest stable version of Oger, version 1.1.3,  here. Unpack the tarball somewhere, and run the included setup script as follows: 

sudo python install

Repository install

First clone the Oger mercurial repository:

hg clone Oger

Then add the full path to the  ./Oger/src directory to your $PYTHONPATH environment variable. This way anytime you update the repository, the changes will be picked up in your python environment.

Mac OS/X


For Mac OS/X, the Scipy Superpack is a convenient way to install the latest versions of the required dependencies listed above. Note that has only been tested with the standard Python (2.6.4) included with Snow Leopard. 

Tarball/repository install

This is identical to the installation for Linux, described above. 


For Windows, the easiest option to install the required dependencies for Oger is to use the Python(x,y) installer. This is a scientific Python distribution which includes, a.o., the dependencies listed above but also other useful tools such as Eclipse and IPython.

Then, you can run this installer to setup Oger.